About Nathan Taylor


I went to Purdue university for 3D Animation and Film. After college, I found a job working at JWT/Chicago as an in-house editing assistant. Within a year, I'd moved up to a full time editor with my own room. After JWT, I started a web development company with my friend called Capacitr. Now I'm doing freelance web and video, and keeping busy with my various hobbies.

The Way I Work

I don't really work like most freelancers. I don't normally work "hourly", unless required, because I feel like it causes bad decisions both from the artist and from the client. I quote what I feel to be a fair price for a project, and I expect to work toward that goal.

I work in "stages", and I seek 100% client approval for each stage. I work for you as your hands, and I want you to feel like you are in control of the process.